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Columbia Missouri Towing Services

Have you ever had the misfortune of getting stuck in the middle of some forsaken place because your engine just died on you? Now, you would probably have worried about how to get to your destination and not worry about leaving your car somewhere.

Then, you may have remembered you had a towing company’s number so you happily called them up and explained your situation. That done, you would have had to wait for the tow truck and crew to show up. Only, you had to wait for quite a while for them to arrive at our location and retrieve your vehicle.

That got you late for your appointment. Now, isn’t that just so disappointing? If this happened to you before, you won’t experience it again because you have found the most competent towing service provider in Columbia, Missouri – I-70 Towing!

I-70 Towing strives to be the best in the towing industry, with the utmost care for safety, professionalism and courtesy. Our fully trained and certified operators are capable of towing and recovering any vehicle or commodity of any size. Our modern fleet of light duty, medium duty, heavy duty wreckers and Landoll trailer can handle any towing need in or around the Columbia, Missouri, area.

Ever since the company was established, it has always been our driving principle to give the best of services any client can find in the area. We always make it a point to be competent and can be relied upon by customers to tow their vehicles, anytime, anywhere. Due to this, we manage to satisfy our clientele every time. Our towing services are then known to be the best to be found in Columbia, Missouri!

I-70 Towing always provides full service towing wherever you are located at the moment you need us. With this, you can always expect quick, safe, reliable and courteous services from our operators who have every client’s satisfaction and best interests in mind. With our competence and professionalism, most if not all customers find that working with I-70 Towing is one of the best experiences they have had from any towing company in the Columbia, Missouri area!

Now you don’t have to worry about getting stuck somewhere with no one to rely on to tow your vehicle for you. Just by calling us up and providing us the necessary information we need, we will handle the retrieval of your car with no unnecessary fuss. Expect your vehicle to be in a car service company or in the location you want it as per instructions from you. That is a sure guarantee!

Towing in Columbia, Missouri is this easy because you have I-70 Towing at your service. We don’t provide mediocre service; we only give the best! With the latest equipment to aid us in completing our tasks, we always manage to satisfy our customers’ every need and demand. Call us up now and discover the quality of service that we keep on mentioning. Rest assured that you get the best of all towing services in Columbia, Missouri!

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